35 Most Asked Beauty Questions (and Answers) – Part 3

beauty and cosmetics questions

by Femita

Do I need special brushes or will the standard ones that come with my makeup be fine?

The standard brushes are not bad, but it’s much harder to get a natural result because they tend to be somewhat streaky. Special brushes are simply bigger and better. Don’t throw your little eye shadow applicators away yet, they are great for applying concealer or for using eye shadow as eyeliner.

How should I clean powder brushes?

It suffices to wash your face powder, blush or eye shadow brushes with a mild shampoo every two months. Dry as quickly as possible to avoid a moldy smell.

Should I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks or to my cheekbones?

This depends on the effect your want. For a rosy complexion, you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. This is the area where you blush naturally, for example after physical exertion. For a more eye-catching and glamorous effect, apply blush to your cheekbones (never beneath, that’s so eighties!).

How come my foundation sometimes gets grainy on my skin?

This means your foundation and day cream are not the best match in terms of composition or texture. Always apply cream on cream and powder on powder. It’s also a smart decision to buy products from the same line or brand.

Is it true that drinking more water will help hydrate my skin?

Unfortunately that’s not the case. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink water. Water helps to remove waste from the human body, but one thing it doesn’t do is hydrate your skin. Instead, use a good moisturizer.

Why should I use purifying shampoo?

After a while, leftover styling products and hard water minerals can build up and give your hair a heavy look. Purifying shampoo removes these leftovers and is the best preparation for hair coloring. The color will be absorbed much deeper and more evenly.

Is it true that blow drying your hair upside down creates more volume?

Yes, it’s in fact the easiest way to create more volume. Apply some hair volumizer to the roots of your hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb for maximum effect.

How often should I use a conditioner?

It is recommended to use conditioner after each wash. Actually, conditioner is to your hair what your day cream is to your skin. It protects your hair by creating a protective layer around each hair and makes it shiny, easier to comb and more resistant against the negative effects of blow drying and sunshine.

Is it ok to wash my hair twice a day?

Yes. This is no problem if you use a mild and nourishing shampoo, but make sure you air dry your hair at least once a day.

Is it a good idea to bleach my dark colored hair?

To keep it natural, keep the tint close to your natural hair color. The lighter you dye your hair, the more it gets damaged.

My hair is too dark after coloring. What can I do about it?

We know it’s hard, but you should really wait a while before putting on a different color again. In the meantime take good care of your hair by applying hair masks. To reduce the time in between colorings, try using an anti dandruff shampoo. It is known for its ability to strip excess color from hair.

This is the 3rd part of our Beauty Faq series. Enjoy part 1 and part 2!


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