Chocolate Fondue – Tips And Tricks To Create The Ultimate Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountain fondue

by Femita

Valentine’s Day, children’s party, high tea or dessert buffet. No matter the occasion, chocolate fondue is always a winner. It looks spectacular and offers endless possibilities.

Perhaps you thought a chocolate fondue is a lot of work but it’s actually very easy and the perfect solution for people who don’t like cooking but still want to impress their friends.

The basics are really simple. You can either buy an electric melting pot or a multi-tier chocolate fountain. We prefer the latter because it looks more festive. The device pumps melted chocolate to the top of the fountain, from where it runs down again. All guests get different kinds of fruit, marshmallows, biscuits or candy they can dip in the chocolate.

For a nice chocolate stream it’s strongly recommended to use special fondue chocolate as this gives the best taste and texture. It contains more cocoa butter than regular chocolate and therefore ensures consistent flow. Of course you can choose between white, dark or milk chocolate.

Chocolate fondue is no problem if you’re watching your diet as you can decide yourself how much chocolate you like on your dips. Just stick to fruit like strawberries, cherries, grapes, kiwi, banana, mango or pineapple.

To finish your masterpieces you can always add extra’s like anise seed powder, crumbled gingerbread cookies or chocolate sprinkles.

When you prepare the fruit make sure to remove all skin, seeds and stalks. Because fruit tends to discolor pretty quickly, we advise you to cover the pieces of apple, pear and banana with a few drops of lemon juice. This will keep them white for a bit longer. Never put moist ingredients like pineapple together with cookies as it will cause them to go soft.


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