7 Healthy Comfort Food Alternatives

Comfortable with hot drink

by Femita

We eat to survive and provide our body with much-needed energy, vitamins and minerals. But there are many more reasons why we like our food: because we love the taste, are stressed, want to reward ourselves or need some emotional comfort. Especially when it gets cold and dark outside many of us crave for sweet or rich comfort foods. Unfortunately it’s not the best thing you can do if losing weight is one of your resolutions for this year. Here are some nice, healthy alternatives.

Wholegrain foods

High-carb foods like bread, rice or pasta can give you a warm, satisfied feeling. By replacing white varieties with whole-wheat products you can still enjoy the comfort without the weight gain.

Heartwarming spices

Instead of covering your plate with rich sauces and dressings, use more spices to keep things interesting. Spanish peppers, cinnamon and nutmeg are some good examples.

Chocolate tea

Can’t live without your cup of hot chocolate? We understand! However, hot chocolate contains a lot of calories. That’s why God invented chocolate tea: full chocolate flavor without the calories. Mighty Leaf Tea Chocolate Mint is our favorite!

Warm milk and honey

In need of creamy, rich, high-calorie desserts? Then a piece of fruit probably won’t do. Instead, try warm milk with honey. It’s  satisfying and excellent right before bedtime as it can make you a bit sleepy.

Clear soup

Soup is probably the number one comfort food in winter. But why not go for a clear soup or broth instead of the usual thick, creamy soup? The best thing is that you can have lots of it as it’s so low in calories.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate, again! That’s no coincidence as it’s a favorite among comfort seekers. To limit your calorie intake, get your chocolate as dark as possible. Not only does dark chocolate have less calories than milk chocolate, it also has several health benefits because it contains powerful antioxidants.


Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning to kickstart start your day. It’s low-calorie, hot, has caffeine and will make you feel better. If you’re in for a real treat, try our vanilla coffee recipe.


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