Detox For Dummies – 10 Easy Tips To Detoxify Your Body

detox for dummies

by Femita

Besides healthy nutrients, our food contains many toxins. The human body can process these toxins through the liver (bile), kidneys (urine), skin (perspiration) and lungs (respiration). If, however, there are too much toxins to deal with, they are stored in our intestines, muscles and tissue. This can cause symptoms like fatigue, headache, acne, stress, indigestion or sleep disorder that tell us it’s detox time. But what can you do?

  1. Know what you eat

    If you enjoy your food and eat more consciously (not while reading the paper or sitting in front of the television), you will not only discover new tastes but you will eat less and more slowly.

  2. Water, water, water

    We can literally wash away toxins by drinking water. Try to drink one or two glasses of lukewarm water in the morning straight after you get out of bed. Water supplies essential minerals like magnesium, calcium or potassium and transports toxins to the excretory organs.

  3. No alcohol

    Alcohol lowers your energy level while being high in calories. In addition, the breakdown of alcohol demands a lot from your liver. Three good reasons to stop drinking.

  4. Alfalfa

    The human body can always use some extra vitamins. Did you know that alfalfa sprouts contain more than 4 times the amount of vitamin C in citrus fruits? Don’t hesitate to use them to liven up your salads or sandwiches. You can find them in the supermarket.

  5. Delicious fruit, lovely skin

    Two servings of fresh fruit a day is fine, but there is nothing stopping you from increasing this to 4. Go for low-calorie fruit like berries, apples, plums, pears and peaches. Kiwi fruit and pineapple both contain active enzymes that strengthen the skin’s connective tissue.

  6. Sleep more, weigh less

    Did you know that early nights can help you to lose weight? A relaxed body has no need for little boosts like sugar or caffeine and this will be reflected by your body weight.

  7. From the belly

    Deep and relaxed breathing will make you a much more calm person. It causes your blood pressure to come down, resulting in better toxin removal. Belly breathing, which babies do naturally, is considered to be one of the best relaxation techniques around.

  8. A Fresh mouth

    When you wake up in the morning, you may have a white coating on the back of your tongue. This coating consists of bacteria that live in the grooves on your tongue. A tongue scraper is specifically designed to remove these bacteria, but a spoon held upside down will do the trick as well. The end result is a fresh breath and excellent caries prevention.

  9. Dry skin brushing

    Right before your morning bath or shower, take some time out for a good dry brush massage. Use a sturdy natural bristle brush and go for long strokes. Start at your soles and work your way up. Dry skin brushing removes dead skin cells, improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

  10. Carry on

    Set aside three to four weeks for detox and mark the days on your calendar. This will motivate you to stick with it till the end. Also try to involve housemates or family members for some extra support.


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