Happiness Top 10 – What Money Can’t buy

happy woman smiling

by Femita

Happiness is a very subjective matter. Therefore what would be a better method than to just ask people what makes them happy? We proudly present to you the results from an international survey. Smile!

  1. Feeling loved
  2. Being in love
  3. Having a good conversation with a friend
  4. Experiencing a deep connection with someone
  5. Spending time in nature
  6. Getting a compliment
  7. Enjoying beautiful weather
  8. Listening to good music
  9. Cuddling your lover, friend, child or pet
  10. Being able to solve a difficult problem

Did you already know about the happiness formula?


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Patricia Collins November 11, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Lovely list. Always good to get some positive vibes!


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