How To Reduce Holiday Stress

reduce holiday stress

by Femita

It’s only a matter of days before Christmas and New Year’s Day will be there soon. Busy times! Still you can keep the holiday season stress-free with just a few tips.


Holiday stress is mainly caused by bad planning. It’s hard to enjoy Christmastime when at the last moment you come to realize that you still need to buy 16 gifts and prepare dinner. The holiday season has a couple of fixed deadlines, so it is key to start planning on time. Knowing everything is under control is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays in a relaxed way.

Be first

Have you ever spent Christmas with people who were actually second choice? Of course you love them and they are important to you, but if you had the choice you would rather have spent the day with other people. Unfortunately these people were booked already for the holidays. Therefore it’s important to be first next year. Make sure you ask people for their Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s plans at the end of October. Most people won’t have any plans by then, so this is your chance to invite them before someone else does.


December is filled with parties and gifts, so make a list with all people you need to buy gifts for e.g. your partner, best friend, grandparents etc. If you have a couple of good gift ideas, write them down immediately. This will only make things easier when you go shopping. Shopping for gifts is best done in advance as the streets and shops are full of people right before Christmas.


Gifts, dinner parties, Christmas decoration, family outings, fireworks,… By spreading your expenses over two or three months you give yourself and your budget some breathing space. It’s not much fun to start the new year 500 dollars in debt. As we all know financial issues can cause great stress.

Ask for help

This is not the best time to unleash the control freak in you. Get other family members involved and don’t be afraid to delegate. The holiday season is the perfect occasion to teach your kids something about cleaning and organizing.

Put things into perspective

Remember that the holiday season is not as important as it seems. There are worse things than a failed recipe, wrong gift or drunk aunt,… If you get caught up in all the preparations, take some time for yourself. Go out, do your nails, read a book or take a long bath and everything will be fine.

Have fun

When you start planning on time you will have the time to actually enjoy the holidays for once. Why not do something different this year like making your own christmas decorations? The extra time gives you the freedom to do what you want whenever you want.


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Megan Starck December 20, 2010 at 11:27 am

I wish everyone great holidays and I really really hope you all manage to actually enjoy the season as it’s meant to be. Don’t forget Christmas is about peace, love, family, caring, giving and last but not least our lord Jesus!


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