Bedwetting – 5 Things Parents Can Do

bedwetting in children

by Femita

Don’t punish your kid

Each time your son or daughter wakes up in a wet bed, they feel anxious and insecure. This is because bedwetting rarely occurs intentionally, contrary to popular belief. We suggest you to deal with it in a positive way. Punishing your loved one for wetting the bed can have the exact opposite effect, making the child even more insecure.

Talk about it

Some children are very afraid of the dark and don’t dare to leave their bed at night for going to the bathroom. In such situation a flashlight or nightlight can work wonders. Through open conversation with your kid it is also possible to discover other consequences of bedwetting like, for example, anxiety or bullying. In this case it is best to look for help together.

A drink is fine

Refraining from having a drink in the evening is not a solution. It is better to adopt a new way of drinking: more drinks in the morning, less in the evening. By the way solid food contains fluid too so foresee enough time in between dinner and sleep, and avoid watery fruits like grapes, oranges and watermelons. Dairy products and chocolate are also a no-go as they contain elements that stimulate urine production.

Stimulate your child

Together make a calendar that has one box for each night. Each time your kid has stayed dry for a night, he or she can color the box. Ten colored boxes means your kid gets a fun reward, like for example an extra long bedtime story.

Look for help

If the bedwetting doesn’t stop after a while, then consult a pediatrician that both you and your infant trust and look for a solution together. In certain cases the doctor will refer you to a urologist. Looking for help is only effective when it is done at the right time. First make sure your child is ready to tackle the problem and always be supportive, even when results are not immediately apparent.


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Paula's World October 8, 2010 at 7:44 pm


My son has been a real ‘problematical case’ in terms of bedwetting. We tried about everything until our doctor suggested a bedwetting alarm. Pleaaase try, you wont be disappointed


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