4 Reasons Why You Should Read To Your Children

reading aloud to children

by Femita

What’s better than to sit snugly together and read a book to your kid? Not only will you nurture their interest in the written word, it’s also an excellent way to expose them to some of life’s big themes.

Language development

Scientific research has shown that children who are read to generally have larger vocabularies and better speech development. They also enjoy beautiful phrasings and tend to be more creative with words.

Emotional growth

Books often bring up certain themes that you wouldn’t easily discuss on other occasions. A good example would be Astrid Lindgren’s The Brothers Lionheart which deals with death in a very moving way. Therefore books are great tools for intellectual as well as socio-emotional development.

Life-long interest in reading

Children who are read to are more likely to pick up a book later in life. Reading to your child is also an excellent way to introduce them to some lesser known writers worth checking out, authors who don’t get the same exposure as J.K. Rowling.

Good times

Last but not least, reading to your kids is a lot of fun and the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your child. They will enjoy and appreciate the extra time and attention that’s devoted to them. Moments to cherish!

Not convinced yet? Check out Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever by Mem Fox.


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Mommie of two January 3, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Me and my husband read to our children every single day. I’d feel guilty if i wouldn’t. You want to give your children the best education possible and we feel that reading to them at a young age is part of that.


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