How To Survive Family Life

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by Femita

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” Although there is a lot of truth in these famous words by bishop Desmond Tutu, this doesn’t necessarily mean this gift is a blessing. It’s not because you are bound by blood that you will always get along. Conflicts may arise from the fact that you are very different in character or maybe very much the same. Exactly because blood relationships are forever, this can lead to family feuds that may last generations. Here are some tips if you’re not best friends by nature.

Don’t expect too much

Your brother, sister, mom or dad don’t have to be your best friends. Try to accept them for who they are with all their quirks and flaws.


If something is really bothering you, talk it out in a mature way. Do your best to see both sides of the story and express how you feel about the situation. Always refer to someone’s behavior rather than their personality.

Keep your distance

When you just don’t click with your family, don’t force things. Keep family gatherings to a minimum. It’s better to avoid discussions as much as possible.


Of course it’s your family and you want things to work out between you, but it’s no use making an effort when the favor is never returned. Love and respect should come from both sides.

Expand your social circle

Make sure you have a social life outside of your family: friends, lovers, colleagues,… you are more than just a sister or daughter.


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