10 Tips To Keep Your Relationship Fresh And Fun

keep relationship fresh and fun

by Femita

  1. Taking good care of yourself is a way to show your love and respect for your partner. It’s important to feel good in your skin as it will boost your confidence and make you a happier person. A healthy diet, regular exercise and stylish clothes are all you need.
  2. Men prefer women with a bitchy side. They won’t marry a helpless, weak girl that needs too much care and attention. Being assertive and independent will make you more attractive.
  3. However you turn it, no real love without romance. This doesn’t mean your partner is waiting for grand gestures. Small acts of love like leaving a note, preparing his favorite meal or sending a sweet text message help to keep the flame alive.
  4. Lots of fights are not necessarily an indication of a bad relationship. Therefore don’t panic when you regularly throw plates at each other’s heads. Couples that don’t fight are probably not really interested in each other or each other’s opinions. It’s better to tackle a conflict than to ignore it.
  5. Almost every relationship goes through periods of boredom. You might even get tired of each other at some point. Instead of immediately ending your relationship try to see this as a warning sign and keep working on your relationship to keep things fresh. Exploring new interests together is a great way to bring you closer to your partner.
  6. The secret to a good relationship is give and take. This also holds true for the financial aspect. Find a balance where you share costs and don’t need to keep track of every expense.
  7. Good sex has a lot to do with how well you both know each other. Because sex is such an intimate affair many couples have difficulties talking about it. Still it’s important to share your wishes and expectations. Open conversation is the key to a better sex life.
  8. Be positive and don’t care too much about what other people think or say. This confident attitude shows that you have a strong personality, which makes you more attractive to your partner.
  9. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with your partner to end a fight, even if you really don’t. Try to see his point of view and show him that you listen and care.
  10. Don’t think it’s just a phase if things are not going too well in your relationship. Phases have a tendency to become habits. If you’re in this phase where you spend less time together, agree to set aside at least one evening a week where you share some quality time.


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