How to Survive the World Cup Soccer Without Getting a Divorce

two soccer fans kissing

by Femita

The FIFA World Cup. Depending on which country you’re living in, this is one of the year’s most important events. It’s literally everywhere. Newspapers and TV shows are filled with endless rambling about tactics, injuries and player’s hairdos. But what if you’re not into the whole soccer craze? Let’s take a look at two different strategies to survive the tournament.


I’ll tell you a little secret. You’re not alone. All around the world there are millions of World Cup widows looking for ways to spend their evening while their partners are downing a few beers in front of the TV set. Why not join your fellow victims and organize a girl’s night? It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with some old friends for a good old pampering session. What is more comforting than doing each other’s nails while watching your favorite SATC episodes. Alternatively, you could take some time for yourself at home. Take a long bath accompanied by some scented candles, soft music and a nice book. If you prefer more action, go shopping or engage in an outdoor activity. Or why not get some long-postponed work done now that you’re not in front of the television every night? You could, for example, finally start writing that book you have been putting off for the past ten years.

Give in

We all know, sometimes it’s just easier to give in. Instead of swimming upstream, why not go with the flow? Maybe it’s easier for you to share in the excitement if you go watch a game in a place that’s filled with World Cup fever, let’s say the local sports bar. The atmosphere at these gatherings can be really contagious and I assure you there will be a great party afterwards if your team wins. But what if your country didn’t qualify for the World Cup? I suggest you just adopt a team, get a vuvuzela and become their most ardent supporter. Another great way to get involved is to organize a sweepstake among friends. At least you will show some interest in the results and who knows, you might even get the hang of it. The good thing about soccer is that it is not difficult to follow as there are not too many rules. Essentially, it’s just about getting the ball past the goalkeeper. Of course there is something like the offside rule, but your male companions will be eager to explain this to you as it gives them a chance to show their understanding of the game. And for those without a helpful boyfriend or hubby, there is always Soccer For Dummies.

In the end, remember that a healthy relationship is a process of give and take. You don’t have to get that expensive second TV set i f you decide to just snuggle up next to him with your favorite magazine or book. Let him enjoy the World Cup, after all it’s only every four years.


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How to Survive the World Cup Soccer Without Getting a Divorce — Femita


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