First-hand Review Of The LELO Elise Personal Massager

Lelo elise personal massager

by Femita

First of all I have a confession to make. Me and my boyfriend are not the sex toy kind of people. At all. I probably shouldn’t be sharing this with all of you, but the only accessory on our bedside table has been a blindfold and that’s about it. So you can imagine how I felt when the people at Femita asked me to do a review on a “personal massager”. Yep that’s what a good old vibrator is called these days, was all I could think.

The package I received in the mail was very discreet. Still I was sort of worried about the kind of object I was going to face in a minute. When I opened the packaging, I discovered a black LELO Elise in a luxurious gift box. It contained the massager itself, a charger, a quality pouch and a little manual. Much to my delight, the LELO personal massager was nothing like what I had in mind. It actually looks very elegant with a beautiful curvy, feminine design and smooth black color. Later on I learned that all LELO products are actually Swedish design objects and come with a 1 year warranty. They not only look seductive, but are also built from high quality body-safe silicones with a nice feel to it, so no cheap rubber toy experience. The LELO Elise has two independent motors at the base and the tip, but there is no need to rush as the rechargeable li-on battery lasts up to four hours after a two-hour charge.

Anyway, enough beating around the bush, I eventually had to try it out. I decided to first test it by myself and afterwards introduce it to my boyfriend. Initially I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but as soon as this little discomfort disappeared I must admit I really enjoyed the whole experience. It is a very women-friendly device and really shaped to suit the natural contours of your body. The intuitive controls with lock function make the LELO massager easy to use. Moreover, because of the build quality it is easy to clean too. The vibrator has five stimulation modes, from very gentle to intense pulsation. Something for every mood. The one I liked most was the pulse and wave setting. I will not go into detail about this, so let your imagination run wild!  By the way, even on strong vibration the Elise is still very quiet compared to other personal massagers, which makes it even more discreet and sensual. When I used the Elise with my boyfriend for the first time, we were both pretty nervous. Not that we are prudish, but we were just not used to this. All I can say is that the Elise massager/vibrator really opened our eyes  in terms of adult toys. They are not all cheap-looking, neon-colored monsters and can add excitement to your sex life in a subtle and refined way. I would like to thank LELO for that!

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Pinkster January 30, 2011 at 6:52 am

This is hands down (no pun intended) the best personal massager i ever laid hands on! I can’t explain. Of course it’s ‘artificial’ but it has such a sensual design and feel to it. Personally I love to use it alone as well as with my husband. It’s actually the first time I introduced a ’sex toy’ in our relationship and it has opened many doors since ;)


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