Chic On A Budget – How To Look Expensive For Less

look chic on a budget

by Femita

We see them on TV, in magazines and at celebrity parties. Women in stylish, elegant and expensive looking outfits. How we would like to look like them. Unfortunately our budget doesn’t always allow for big spending. Nevertheless it’s still possible to get that expensive look. You just have to play smart.


Money can’t buy class. That’s why your posture and movements are at least as important as your outfit. Always sit up straight, walk elegantly and act like a lady. High heels may help you to improve posture and become more confident.

Simple, elegant lines

Pick stylish, timeless pieces with elegant lines and perfect fit.

Some examples:

  • A well-fitting blazer
  • High-collar blouses with long sleeves (optionally with ruffles)
  • A straight skirt or tube skirt
  • Straight-leg or narrow pants (usuallylook much classier than wide-leg pants)

Plain colors or classic prints

Plain, sober colors generally look more chic than bright colors or loud prints. For colors we would suggest black, white, deep blue, pearl gray, camel or nudes. Pinstripe, houndstooth or small checks are safe bets when it comes to patterns or prints.

houndstooth pattern pied de poule

Black and white

A combination of black and white is always a winner. Think black garments with white piping or vice versa. Pair black pants with a white shirt or combine a white skirt with black top and white jacket. Classic Chanel is your number one source of inspiration.

The ‘it’ accessory

While designer collections will be out of the price range for most people, accessories are more accessible. Just browse the internet or visit a boutique and ask for prices of handbags, scarves, shoes, belts or jewelry. One ‘it’ accessory with subtle designer logo can instantly upgrade any outfit.


Even thought they are not real, fake pearls, diamonds and strass crystals give you an expensive look. Make sure to use them sparingly, combine them with a well thought-out outfit and nobody will notice the difference. By the way, don’t go for the cheapest imitations. We recommend you to pay a bit more for better quality.

Statement jewelry

If you own a valuable piece of jewelry you want to make sure it’s the centerpiece of attention. Keep your outfit simple and put focus on one single piece of jewelry. It will upgrade your whole look and make it look more expensive.

Less is more

Stylish people keep it simple. They focus on one eye catcher and keep the rest of their outfit as simple as possible. Remember that there is nothing chic about people walking around with logos everywhere, looking like advertisements for designer brands.


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