8 Fall/Winter Shoe Trends Women Can’t Live Without In 2010

women's shoes for fall winter 2010

by Femita

A new season means a new wardrobe: a military jacket, a fur-trimmed bag and last but not least new shoes! For your convenience we collected all fall/winter 2010 footwear trends on one single page.


This soft type of leather can not only be seen in clothing this fall but will also decorate many shoes, boots and pumps alike. Suede is often seen as delicate and hard to look after. This is certainly true as it easily absorbs liquids and may become dirty. Nevertheless, when you take good care of your new pair of shoes you will be able to enjoy your investment for a long time.  Don’t forget to spray your recently purchased shoes with a product that protects against stains and water before wearing them the first time. Repeat this every seven days and remove dirt with a suede brush.

Over-the-knee boots

OTK boots have been trending for some time now, but this time it’s for real. Are you blessed with endless, slender legs then this is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. To accentuate your best asset even more, go for a knee-length boot with high heels. If you are more on the other end of the spectrum, calf length boots will do.


Back with a bang: laces! Laced-up boots are a no-brainer for fall/winter 2010. Whether we’re talking cute ankle boots or sturdy military boots, if it has laces you cannot go wrong. If you’re going for OTK laced-up boots, let’s hope they have an invisible zipper on the side.

(Faux) Furry

We already covered fur as one of the major fashion trends for fall. This is no different for shoes. Comfortable, fluffy boots are hot. Either go for full-on fur or opt for more subtle suede boots with a fur trim. It’s all good!


You know the deal: grab something from your boyfriend’s closet and wear it as if it has been yours forever. In this case we’re thinking about traditional oxfords in suede or leather with a vintage touch. Only for the über stylish!


Like laces, buckles take some time when you’re changing footwear but they’re totally worth it. They create a perfect opposition between formal and casual and look stunning on shoes with high heels. The beauty is in the details.


Chunky wooden shoes. Not exactly my idea of femininity and elegance, but who am I! The heeled version was all over the catwalk. If you’re not ready for the real deal yet, try clog bottomed sandals, knee high boots or ankle boots.

Kitten heels

Give your feet a break from those stilettos and turn to Audrey Hepburn movies for inspiration. The trend of 50’s and 60’s retro dresses brings kitten heels back into the limelight. Go for pointy toes, luxurious materials and sober, classic lines. Kitten heels work best in neutral colors or leopard print.


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