Kids Fashion For Fall 2010 – Around The World In 4 Trends

kids fashion trends fall 2010

by Femita

Jules Verne did it in eighty days, we do it in four trends. Kids’ fashion for fall/winter 2010 is inspired by French elegance, Russian folklore, the sporty American look and slightly nerdy British style. Are you ready for this mini trip around the world?

French Twist

In Paris going to school is a bit like a fashion show. When you see kids walking on the streets with their nanny, you know the chic French style of their mothers runs in the blood. Their outfit isn’t put together carelessly. Every single piece has been selected with care. The look is a little retro with sober lines and a simple color palette consisting of navy blue, red, grey, white and black. Girls wear A-line dresses or knee-length pleated skirts with cardigans or Chanel-like jackets. Boys wear navy shirts and pea coats. Chic, simple and practical!

Russian Babushka

Hopefully it will be a cold, Siberian winter because it will do this trend justice. Folklore is really making a comeback this fall/winter, especially the typical look from the former Eastern Bloc or Russia under the last tsar’s government. This means a lot of knitwear, flower embroidery, velvet and faux fur, but also military jackets for boys and girls alike! Don’t forget sturdy footwear lined with fur to keep those little feet warm in winter.

American College Boy And Girl

The American college look is what Americans call ‘preppy’ (referring to private university-preparatory schools). Preppy stands for a classic style with sporty influences. Think Ralph Lauren or Gossip Girl’s Nate Archibald. Boys choose from blazers, baseball jackets, cardigans, hoodies, polo shirts, khaki’s or dark jeans. Girls wear knee-length skirts, shirts, cardigans, polo dresses and knee socks. The college kid’s favorite print is the checkered Argyle pattern.

Very British

The British are masters of the eclectic style. Not really a surprise considering the changeable weather: everything is possible as long as it keeps you warm. Therefore they wear multiple layers on top of each other: blouse or shirt, cardigan, jacket, coat. Let’s not forget leggings under skirts, dresses and shorts. This multiple layer mania produces some interesting silhouettes with different fabrics and patterns. Just imagine a mix of velvet, wool, tweet and checks, dots, stripes or flowers. All this in a rainbow of colors of course. A pair of hip rubber boots complete the picture. A tad nerdy, but drop-dead cool at the same time.


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Marie-Anne September 29, 2010 at 4:19 am

Lovely article. I can totally see my little girl as a petite Française with a simple nautical dress. So cute!


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