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by Femita

The perfect shoe fits like a glove. It emphasizes your best features while covering up some flaws. The best piece of advice? High heels are always flattering, no matter how tall you are. They instantly make you appear longer, more slender and super sexy. But which type of high heels suit you best?

Wide calves

boots for wide calves
Let’s start with enemy number one to many shoe-buying women: wide calves. Fortunately, shoe manufacturers around the world have started to recognize this problem and offer more and more wide shaft boots. We recommend you to show off your feet as this will elongate your legs. Stay away from ankle boots at all times. They will only make your calves appear more bulky, which will cause your body shape to go out of balance. Rather buy wedges or shoes with a solid heel. Pointed toe boots or pumps are also a safe bet. Don’t go for ankle straps, ballerinas, stilettos or delicate flat shoes.

Skinny legs

narrow wedges
Wedges that narrow
from top to bottom are a smart choice for all you thin-legged women. They are more elegant than your general wedges. Tough (cowboy) boots and thick tights give your legs some extra oomph.

Large feet

t-bar footwear
Are your friends calling you bigfoot? Then don’t pick pointed toe shoes because they will make your feet appear even longer. Instead go for a round or square toe. Style gurus also recommend T-bar shoes that cut your feet in half and therefore make them seem smaller.

Short legs

open sandals
Summer is your season! Open shoes or sandals give your legs a longer appearance because the transition from leg to foot is very smooth. Ankle strap footwear is a no-go: it will seem like the strap cuts your leg in half. In winter go for high boots and leave ankle boots in the store. Long, wide pants combined with a nice pair of heels are also great for creating the illusion of longer legs.


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